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Nora Dracup, CCAT

Nora Dracup, CCAT (Certified Companion Animal Rehabilitation Therapist) is certified through Northeast Seminars at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing animal rehabilitation since 2022. After being in the US army, Nora gained her bachelors of science in physical therapy. She has experience in the customer service industry and personal training, so it seemed like a natural progression to advance into healthcare. Nora has worked in various settings including outpatient acute injury, post surgery, Workers' comp, Long/short term care illness/injury and rehabilitation.

Nora personally experienced the need for more in the field of animal rehab with her French bulldogs, one who needed assistance after an elbow break as a month-old puppy and the other having Grade 5 patella luxation in both knees – which led to surgery and being paralyzed in both Hindlimbs. This called for a 6-month period of using a wheelchair.

Nora is certified in the assembly of Walkin’ Pets equipment – including walkin’ wheels, harnesses/lifts, splints and Braces.