A Low-Impact Water Workout

Pets enjoy many advantages from utilizing underwater treadmills at Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness.. The buoyant property of water minimizes the weight placed on fragile bones and joints. Reducing the weight put on the bones and joints is vital to increasing a pet’s endurance and strength without adding excess stress. This helps explain why water aerobics and various forms of water therapy are considered low-impact.

Additionally, warm water can lessen pain and make connective tissue flexible, facilitating a better range of motion and deeper stretching. The warmth of the water can also increase blood flow and motivation to speed up recovery.

Using the thermal effects of water helps dogs, cats, and other pets relax during rehabilitation.

Rehab For All Shapes and Sizes

The underwater treadmill also provides another major benefit; the speed of the treadmill can be customized to each pet based on the pathology the animal is experiencing.

For example, a small breed dog with an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) would normally require a slower pace, while faster speeds are better for animals that are in the phase of conditioning or training.

The rate of the underwater treadmill is always dictated by the pets’ specific needs and physical condition. Underwater treadmill rehabilitation is an effective form of rehabilitation for pets.  Schedule an appointment with us , by calling Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness at (908) 454-2273.