A Weight Management Program For Canines

Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness offers a canine weight management program with low-impact physical and strengthening exercises. An overweight dog has greater stress on painful and weak joints, a higher risk for diabetes, and certain breeds have a much greater risk of herniating a disc in their back because of obesity. A dog that is in good physical condition is less likely to suffer musculoskeletal injuries.

At Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness we understand that underwater treadmill provides a safe, low-impact way to exercise your dog and can ultimately help him/her lose weight.

It is very low impact so injuries can be avoided while working all of the major muscle groups of the legs and moving the joints through a full range of motion. This is an excellent way for dogs to stay in shape, safely and effectively in a controlled environment.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Alpha Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness at (908) 454-2273.

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